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Zoom Image Makeover

Elevate Your Zoom Presence…  Increase Your Confidence…  Improve Your Brand 

Video conferencing is here to stay as the pandemic has turned virtual meetings into our new normal. The new priority for business professionals is to deliver an exceptional virtual customer experience.

Whether you are with a Fortune 500 company, lawyer, professional or TedX speaker, it’s more important than ever to elevate your brand for business, speaking or videos by increasing your online engagement and improving your credibility.

Nikki will help you optimize your Zoom presence in the space you are in with a Zoom Makeover

Online Class
Businessman Using Laptop



Nikki will work with you one-on-one to create an intentionally designed zoom space to attract the people you want to do business with and increase your bottom line.  A ZOOM MAKEOVER will improve engagement with your client or your audience, increase trustworthiness and elevate your brand by aligning all the visual aspects in the Zoom “box” to match your brand and your message.

Improve engagement…  eliminate distractions.

90-minute session with a 15-minute follow-up.


  • We will find the perfect lighting

  • Create the perfect background in the space you are in or the perfect virtual background

  • Discuss what color clothing works best on you in your space

  • Zoom specific make-up techniques to help people focus on you

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