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Nikki Smith

As an international speaker, brand image coach and author, I welcome the opportunity to help you discover your personal style, the image you want to convey to the world and full expression of your uniqueness! 

The passion for transformation fuels my drive to help take your image to the next level and beyond. Every assignment accepted is marked by fashion, style and a positive brand image that is tailored for you. 

With over 25 years of personal styling expertise, in 2012, I launched Skin Liqueur Cosmetics, a skincare and makeup line. Conveying confidence and style for any occasion is 365 NNC way to create an image for both men and women.

Hello Beautiful

"Whether you need coaching” for a zoom makeover or taking your business to the next lever. Our team specializes in helping our clients discover the image that represents their brand and lifestyle by Repurposing, Refreshing & Remixing items from their own closet. purchase-Nikki Smith


Our Trademark services

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Why 365NNC?

365NNC (No New Clothes) is a fashion concept created to show our clients how to take Essential Wardrobe pieces and Remix them. Once you have our 365 System in place, you can literally go 365 days without purchasing (significant) apparel. 

By simply remixing your existing wardrobes, the financial stigma many people have concerning embarking upon personal styling services is eliminated. Not only do we teach you how to 365 Remix your current items, we also help you save money and precious time by not having to search for new and often unnecessary apparel. 


365NNC provides an array of services designed to meet the styling demands of today's modern business professional. Our mission is to assist in cultivating a relevant & professional style that enhances confidence & self-expression.  This will improve on your image, help your brand stand out amongst the crowd and Increase Revenue Now!


Focus on your PASSION. We’ll focus on your FASHION. 

Image Still Matters

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