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NIKKI SMITH coined the word 'REMIX' when it comes to styling!

Remix to some may be a simple word, not with the 365 NNC Remix Team.

Remix 365 has a lot of meaning because it is definitely intentional decision making, money saving, time saving and a true confidence builder.”
-Nikki Smith


What is Remix 365?

We take what you have and show you how to wear it differently.
We make sure you look is tailored for your body type, for the event and/or for  your brand.
Remix 365 can be anything from adding accessories or acquiring items to compliment what you already have.
Instead of constantly buying something new, we show you how to Remix your wardrobe.


How do we Remix 365 your style?

We found that our clients feel they have nothing to wear because they are not comfortable Remixing.
We go into your closet, take 30 foundational pieces and show you how to wear them 30 different ways.

This is what call the 30 Piece Wardrobe Essentials.
Which will give you a new look for an entire month.

Why Remix 365 your style?

It helps you to be more intentional. Often times when we go to an event or have something special, we do not want people to see us in the same outfit repeatedly.

You have already invested interest and money into your wardrobe.

So, when we Remix it by re-arranging, repurposing and showing you how to wear your clothes differently, it is an assured way to look your optimal best at every opportunity presented.

Learning how to Remix 365 your wardrobe does several things: 


You do not have to go out to the stores and buy random items when you have to attend an event or have a special occasion.

If there is anything you need to buy, when you go out to purchase you will be intentional with your purchasing decision, because you will know what item(s) are needed to complete your outfit.



By utilizing the tools that our Remix 365 team has taught you, not only will you be able to go into your own closet and choose the perfect outfit for the occasion. You will also be confident in wearing what is best for your body type, your brand and your image.

We don’t just shop for you!

We show you how to display who you are without saying a word in your photos or on your marketing material.


It shows you how to re-invent, re-create and re-introduce yourself with items that you previously loved.

Once our clients go through our Remix 365 process, the optimal goal is for them to become the total package.

They will have learned how to look at their wardrobe differently. 

They will look their very best at every opportunity. 

They will stand out with confidence. 

They will know how to save money and time. 

They will be a step above the rest. 

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