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I’m here to help you determine what your "style" is from head to toe and what colors will work the best for your looks. I offer not only wardrobe, but skincare, hairstyling and makeup assistance.


That's the secret behind my 365NNC styling techniques.

As I go through your wardrobe to figure out what can be used and what needs to be tailored or accessorized, I work hard to give suggestions for complete looks that require little to no new purchases.


Wardrobe & Image Coaching

Onsite or Virtual Fashion Remixing

Closet Curetting / Standard Purge

Personal Shopping

Skincare Line 

Makeup Application Services and Classes 

Private and Group Coaching


We help busy business professionals and influencers make an impact through image and brand coaching. We teach clients how to harness their brand through inner power, preparation and presentation. Your new image will build confidence that takes your brand to the next level.

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Clothes Hanging

 Repurpose Assessment


  • Includes up to 2 hours for consultation

  • Personal style interview with measurements

  • Closet assessment

  • Fundamental wardrobe check list (note: missing any fundamentals will require purchase budget)

  • Basic personalized coaching

  • Reinventing 3-5 new looks with your existing wardrobe

Well Organized Closet

 Refresh Styling Road Map Package:

  • Includes up to 2.5 hours for consultation

  • Personal style assessment with measurements

  • Closet assessment/Standard closet purge /Basic Closet Curate Fundamental wardrobe checklist (note: missing any fundamentals will require purchase budget)

  • Personalized coaching

  • Brainstorming on wardrobe additions

  • Reinventing up to 5-8 new looks with your existing wardrobe

  • Planning for (2) upcoming events (purchasing budget may be necessary)

  • 2 hours of personal shopping included

Clothes Hangers

 Reinvite Yourself Branding Styling


  • Includes 60 minute-style consultation

  • Personal style analyst 

  • 3x branding looks 

  • 2x follow up fittings 

  • up to 3 hrs branding photoshoot, location recommendations, onsite styling, makeup & touch up services Personalized coaching Brainstorming on wardrobe additions

  • up to 3 hours of shopping included

  • Clothes not included



Skin Liqueur Cosmetics is an innovative skincare and cosmetic line that caters to all skin types. Our main objective is skincare 1st!  We offer trendy, vibrant shades of flawless coverage that go on like 2nd skin.  Our beauty brand products are made with the highest quality ingredients.  They go on smooth and silky for matchless, effortless coverage. 


Image matters!
Let me help you look your best!


Terms and Conditions


In the event of Cancellations on the behalf of 365NNC  will be given to the Client within 30 days of Cancellation. The Client may cancel services, without penalty or obligation, up to 30 days from the date of event by providing a written or electronic notice. Any pre-paid balance funds will be refunded within 45 days. This EXCLUDES the non-refundable fee. No refunds under the $250 deposit will be given for service cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event, under no circumstances.  Any monetary exchange after the initial deposit is paid will constitute the Client's acceptance of this policy as outlined herein and/or verbally discussed at time of booking or Consultation. 



It is agreed that hired services  will not be held responsible for any Acts of Mother Nature, including, but not limited to, hurricanes, floods, or storms of any kind.  In the case of potential flooding, the Makeup Artist will not travel to location or put themselves in any unfavorable conditions.  Client will receive a credit for totaling the balance payments made, if the Event is cancelled due to bad weather (this excludes the non-refundable/transferable retainer).


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